Keto Living Cookbook App – Android

Google Play Store (Android) – iOS to follow soon!

The perfect companion for the Keto Diet, The Keto Living Cookbook App is the digital version of the popular Keto Living 3 – Color Cookbook from accomplished cook, and bestselling author Ella Coleman.

Ella loves experimenting with flavor combinations, and delights in eating and living a Ketogenic lifestyle.

The Keto Living Cookbook App contains a spectacular selection of 101 of her simple, yet delicious Low-Carb & High-Fat Recipes for every course, designed to showcase the amazing versatility and flavors the Keto diet can offer and help you kickstart your fat burning journey!

It’s no secret that carbs raise blood sugar, and our body produces insulin to get rid of it. Insulin helps glucose convert to fat, and this is stored in our fat cells. Goodbye self-esteem. Hello, cellulite! On the Ketogenic diet, carbs are limited and protein and fats are eaten in preference, keeping the body in a state of ketosis and burning fats for a good, steady stream of energy.

Sound complicated? Think again – The Keto Living Cookbook App makes it easy to discover many of your favorite meals prepared to suit a Keto lifestyle

Assisted in the kitchen by industry professional Nigel Burlington, Ella has presented a perfectly balanced variety of both savory and sweet dishes – Family Meals, mouthwatering Snacks and exquisite Desserts for every course of the day, certain to satisfy all tastes and sure to keep you cooking wonderful Ketogenic creations for many meals to come.

And, as with all the books in the Keto Living series, each recipe is replete with nutritional info and net carbohydrate count per serve, to help you stay informed and keep your journey on course. That’s information you want, and need, right at your fingertips.

Lose the weight and love reaching your goals with The Keto Living Cookbook App.

NOTE: Includes both US Standard and Metric measurements, and temperatures in Fahrenheit and Celsius.