Keto Living – Fat Fast Cookbook: A Guide to Fasting for Weight Loss Including 50 Low Carb & High Fat Recipes

Kickstart Your Fat Burning and Break Through a Stall

Including the Science and Theory behind the Fat Fast Protocol – Why it Works, How to Get Started and 50 Tasty Recipes.

The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook is so much more than just a cookbook.

This unique outing in the Keto Living series from Ella Coleman, will take you on a journey into the exciting world of Fat Fasting, an excellent strategy to break through a stall in weight loss and guide you to a state of Nutritional Ketosis.

The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook starts by taking you back to the origins of Low Carb dieting and Fat Fasting and looks at the relevant pioneering studies and their astounding conclusions.

The misconception that a Fat Fast means staring at a block of cream cheese for three days is quickly put to rest!

Including Delicious Fat Fast Recipes Such As…

  • Parmesan Chicken Balls
  • Shiritaki Noodles with Artichoke Pesto Sauce
  • Pork Sausage with Mushrooms and Spinach
  • Marscarpone Lime Creams
  • …And Dozens of other Sweet and Savory Recipes

˃˃˃ As this Simple, yet Effective Protocol is examined further, Important Questions are raised and answered.

What criteria qualifies as experiencing a weight loss stall, and are you a candidate for Fat Fasting?

What are the guidelines and safety considerations of a Fat Fast?

What is Nutritional Ketosis? Why does it matter and how can it be measured effectively?

What kind of higher fat foods are most suited for a Fat Fast?

With questions such as these, and many more answered, the Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook then delivers 50 Delicious Savory and Sweet Recipes designed to make the whole journey an adventure.

˃˃˃ And More…

Alongside this fantastic insight into the Fat Fast protocol, are other useful tools including :-

  • Nutritional Information – Net Carbs, Protein and Fats Counted and Fat Percentages Calculated for Every Recipe

  • An Appendix of where to easily source additional Fat Fasting Recipes

  • Both US Standard and Metric measurements

The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook, is a truly comprehensive guide to this unique protocol.

NOTE: The Keto Living Fat Fast Cookbook is also now registered with the Kindle Matchbook system, meaning that if you prefer to purchase the paperback copy of this book, you will automatically qualify to be able to download a free digital copy of the Kindle book. It’s your choice!