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Ella Coleman

The Keto Living series of cookbooks was written by Ella Coleman, an accomplished cook who loves experimenting with flavor combinations, and delights in eating and living a Ketogenic lifestyle. Ella lives with her wonderfully supportive family, and a mischievous cat in California, and when she's not cooking, enjoys all aspects of cinema, reading and spending time with her kids.

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Liquid Sugar Substitutes

An excerpt from Keto Living 2: Sweet and Savory Snacks As several of my sweet recipes call for a liquid sweetener sugar substitute instead of a powdered or granular option, it’s important to add this note to the book on quantities used. We discussed sweeteners such as Stevia, and Sucralose in the last section, and these are often available in liquid drops. For our purposes, I have kept things reasonably simple, and wherever there is an […]

Granulated and Powdered Sugar Substitutes


An excerpt from Keto Living 2: Sweet and Savory Snacks After much thought, I decided that in a book that includes some recipes that call for a granulated or powdered sugar substitute to be added as an ingredient in some cases, this information really needed to be shared to clear up a lot of the misinformation surrounding sugar alternatives available to us as consumers. In cases where a recipe calls for a sugar substitute, we […]