Liquid Sugar Substitutes

An excerpt from Keto Living 2: Sweet and Savory Snacks

As several of my sweet recipes call for a liquid sweetener sugar substitute instead of a powdered or granular option, it’s important to add this note to the book on quantities used.

We discussed sweeteners such as Stevia, and Sucralose in the last section, and these are often available in liquid drops.

For our purposes, I have kept things reasonably simple, and wherever there is an ingredient listing for a liquid sugar substitute, I have simply used liquid Stevia.

However, to complicate things just a little, different brands of Stevia extract can have a varying strength sweetness depending on the actual percentage of Steviol content added to the product.

Also brand dependant, there is variety in taste and bitterness of Stevia depending on whether the Steviol extracted from the plant are either Steviosides or Rebaudiosides (less bitter, and almost 50% sweeter), and this isn’t always marked clearly on the label.

I personally prefer the flavor of a stevia sweetener made with as close to 100% Rebaudiosides as possible, however individual tastes may vary.

So in closing, wherever you see liquid sweetener used in a recipe, this is what I have used as my ingredient, and measurements have been calculated accordingly, which works out to about a teaspoon of product being the equivalent of a cup of sugar.

Depending on brand, or if using an alternative such as Sucralose which is doubly strong in sweetness, you will need to adjust quantities accordingly, and the taste test is usually best practice!

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